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More Group Dive Travel Earnings
for Real Sea Fans

Dive shops earn $900 or more extra on all future group trips to any Clearly Cayman Dive Resort. Book directly with us or through your favorite dive travel planner.



Benefits of Reef Rewards

  • Reduce trip cost
  • Help pay for staff travel
  • Increase the overall profitability of your dive travel program



How it Works

  • Register for Reef Rewards. Include your dive travel agency information if you use one, so they can help you keep track of and use your rewards.
  • Book your group of 10 or more on a standard dive package of 7 nights or longer to any Clearly Cayman Dive Resort. Our comp policy is 9 paid/1 free.
  • Include your Reef Rewards membership number with every dive group reservation to ensure proper credit.
  • After completion of the group’s travel, we will credit your account with $100 per paid diver. You have 13 months to book and use them on another group trip of 10 or more to any Clearly Cayman Dive Resort.


  1. You book a group of 20 guests to a resort – 17 of these are divers. Because you receive 2 comp diver spaces (1 free/9 paid), the net result is that you have 15 paid divers.
  2. At the end of this trip, we will credit you with 17 x $100 or $1,700 in Reef Rewards toward your next trip
  3. You book your next group of 10 or more with us for travel within 13 months – no deposit needed because we first apply the $1,700 in Reef Rewards to your account. Your final payment to us will be your net rate less this amount.

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